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I’m a Senior Product Designer with +8 years of experience in Design, Tech, and Business.

I can’t wait to collaborate with your creative and engineering teams. Iterating towards business-minded solutions together.

Discover through the following projects my problem-solving skills, user-centered design processes, and scalable Design Systems.

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Raised in Belgium, with roots in France and Italy, I studied business & engineering and graduated with a major in Marketing Strategy.

I discovered the fascinating world of tech startups by helping entrepreneurs launch mobile apps at Solvay Entrepreneurs.

Hungry for more, I moved to San Francisco to learn from the best. I joined Narvar, an ecommerce startup, as the first in-house designer. I saw the company grow from 10 to 250+ employees. I designed all their B2C and B2B products. I then joined Mode to help them scale its solution to accommodate its biggest customers’ requirements.

In my spare time, I enjoy discovering wild and remote places, educating people about a greener lifestyle, and playing on my acoustic guitar.

Today, after months of road tripping across North America with my wife, I am eager to join your startup as Senior Product Designer to create meaningful end-to-end experiences.

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